Coordinating tasks in Kulupu

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StatusPolkadot Telemetry
ChatDiscord, Matrix
LaunchedSeptember 2019

Kulupu is a blockchain run by the community. As a result, many tasks need to be handled in a decentralized and distributed manner. This is the page to coordinate different tasks that is to be done on Kulupu for short-to-mid-term. For long-term visions, please see Roadmap of Kulupu.

Please feel free to add any new task or edit descriptions of existing tasks.

Right now doing those tasks are entirely voluntary. After implementation of voluntary taxation, Kulupu's on-chain governance body treasury may be able to provide funding to finish each of the tasks that it deems important.

Community communication and coordination

This section is for tasks that are related to runtime upgrades and governance.

Understanding community's opinion of voluntary taxation and treasury funding

Type: Runtime upgrade coordination.
Priority: High.

Kulupu currently does not have any way to fund itself. The governance body treasury allows funding to be distributed by democratically elected council members. However, it does not have any funding itself. This brings dissatisfaction in the Kulupu community, and many want the funding issue to be fixed as soon as possible, to the point that Emiel submitted an on-chain referendum proposal to directly mint coins into the treasury.

Voluntary taxation is another slightly more neutral way to enable funding for treasury governance body. For more information, you can read about in This PR.

  • Educate people about the treasury funding system and voluntary taxation system in details.
  • Understand whether voluntary taxation or any other means to fund the governance system will bring any risks in Kulupu being considered a "security" in any jurisdiction.
  • Understand the general public's opinion on treasury and voluntary taxation.
  • Coordinate the activation of voluntary taxation in the next runtime upgrade if the community feedback is positive.

Encourage participation in governance

Type: Long-running coordination.
Priority: High.

Currently, the amount of people participating in Kulupu's governance system, council and treasury, is not high. This is a task to promote participation and encourage more people to vote and run for council. Specifically:

  • Ask people to vote and run for council.
  • Answer any technical questions regarding how to vote and how to run for council.
  • Encourage council members to write details about themselves in Councillors of Kulupu.