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{{Tree chart|KU|KU=[[Red Gate]]|border=1|boxstyle_KU=background:#00a8cc}}
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StatusPolkadot Telemetry
ChatDiscord, Matrix
LaunchedSeptember 2019

Kulupu is a proof of work blockchain with on-chain governance and online upgrade, built with Substrate.


Main article: Roadmap of Kulupu


Main article: Governance of Kulupu


Main article: Councillors of Kulupu


Upgrades that previously happened in Kulupu include:

Slag Ravine
Swamp Bottom
Sky Island 68
Red Coast Base
Seeker Camp
Red Gate
Grand View Garden

Proof of Work parameters

  • Algorithm: RandomX
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • Issurance: 1 KULU per second (60 KULU per block)
  • No premine


Kulupu has a faucet that you can use to get some initial money. The faucet is donated by fellow Kulupu community members. To use the faucet:

  • Create a new account using a Kulupu wallet such as polkadot.js. Remember to select Kulupu network from the network dropdown menu. Copy the address.
  • Join the Discord server for Kulupu.
  • Go to #bots channel, and type !faucet send address.
  • The faucet bot will then send you around 0.1 KLP.

To donate to the faucet, simply send money to faucet account address 2hBP4PF3wemfVyT5exJziQY69mD3uC4q4ApoxfhgH4xBEMkw.