Red Coast Base

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StatusPolkadot Telemetry
ChatDiscord, Matrix
LaunchedSeptember 2019
Red Coast Base
Consensus upgrade
TypeOnline upgrade
PreviousSky Island 68

Red Coast Base is the forth planned upgrade, and the second online upgrade of Kulupu blockchain.

Runtime change[edit | edit source]

  • Add Proxy utility module.
  • Add Vesting utility module.
  • Limit council power
    • Require full council agreement to cancel democracy proposals, instead of 2/3.
    • Require 9/10 of council agreement to modify technical committee, instead of 1/2.
    • Remove the ability to appoint registrars. They now must go through the democracy process.
    • Increase the runner-up of council members to 30, to encourage participation.

Process[edit | edit source]

The online upgrade has not yet been proposed on-chain.